Our Mission


To worship and work together willingly and wholeheartedly in Ministry and Witness to each other and the world, using our gifts as a caring, sharing, giving and forgiving community of believers in the living Christ.



Support for Others


Our Support for Others includes:

  • Presbyterians Sharing (support of our national church)

  • Agape Table

  • Winnipeg Inner City Mission

  • Presbyterian World Service and Development

  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

  • Group Action for Peace (targeted aid to Africa)

  • Greater European Missions

  • The Lighthouse Mission

  • Trinity Presbyterian Church

  • Ministry to Refugees




Refugee Sponsoring - First Church has sponsored more than 350 refugees, and continues to do this work.


Support of Local Missions - Current 'Vision Projects' include Flora House, Anishinabe Fellowship, Agape Table and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.


Hildur Hermanson and Afternoon Auxiliaries meet regularly and hold regular worship services at a local nursing home.


Mission to the disadvantaged - After Sunday worship, bag lunches are distributed to needy worshippers.


PWS&D - First Church is an active supporter of Presbyterian World Service and Development.